Well, 2020 was a year that most, if not all of us, will want to forget….And 2021 has got off to a bit of a shaky start as regards the pandemic.

But, here at pwcgwynedd, we are feeling positive about the rapidly approaching Spring/ Summer season and a long awaited return to the waters of Gwynedd and Anglesey.

So…to the changes.

Anglesey Council are having a big meeting this week.  Results of the meeting will, I’m told, see a significant rise in car parking charges throughout the island. This will inevitably affect the charges at all of the authorised PWC launch points

Further to that, the cost of Registering and launching your PWC is going up. However, Anglesey Maritime, yet again, are leading the way in promoting responsible PWC use, by retaining the Seasonal Permit discount scheme for RYA certificate holders. This year, the discount is a significant £50 off the full price of £160.  I will announce the fees for Registration, Day Launch and Key system operated locations when they are finalised and made public.

There are changes to the registration stickers too. Following a small number of key incidents over the last 2 seasons, there has been a call for Anglesey and Conwy to move away from the small registration stickers. This call has been in the interest of making craft more easily identifiable, in times of need. To that end, we have been working with Anglesey & Gwynedd Council Maritime Departments, as well as Caernarfon Harbour Trust in their project to align things across the County. As such, the registration stickers from Anglesey, Gwynedd and CHT will be of a very similar large format design.  As a result of this common design result, the reciprocal agreement for registration between Gwynedd and Anglesey is back in play & means you don’t have to take out 2 separate registrations.  Unfortunately, at this time, Conwy Council have not decided to join the move & as a result are not included in the reciprocal arrangement. If you wish to launch at a Conwy Council operated site, you will need to buy a Conwy registration.

In light of the small increase in incidents & the negative media that followed, there will also be an increase in Warden presence at a few of the popular launch locations & possibly a patrol boat presence on the Menai Strait.  CHT will also be on regular watch & patrol in the restricted speed stretch of the Strait that comes under their control.  There will also be some new, informative yet welcoming signage going up at key locations, to help us all have a day on the water without compromising anyone elses day, or causing any harm to the marine environment.

Like yourselves, we are really looking forward to getting back on the water….But, we would like to echo Both Council’s early plea to ride responsibly, considerately and with having the correct registration, insurance & permits in place.

See you out there.

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