We would like to point out (and save you a phonecall) that we do not hire out or sell jetskis ourselves, sorry.

This website is intended as an information resource & to promote safe, responsible Personal Watercraft use & the attractions of riding in North Wales.

We can offer advice on starting out jetskiing, finding a local club or group to ride with, registering your watercraft & preparing it & yourselves for riding.

Whilst we do not sell jetskis ourselves, we do have both a Seadoo and a Yamaha Dealer as website sponsors & they will be more than happy to talk you through choosing & buying the best watercraft for you needs.

We do list private jetski sales on our website, but if you are interested in a jetski that is for sale on our site then please contact the seller directly (via their contact details in their advert). You can contact Datatag to check a jetskis details & you should also check the stolen jetskis link on our homepage, before entering into any sort of sales agreement or contract with the seller.

If you do find a jetski that you would like to view & possibly buy, then we offer two pieces of advice (especially if you are new to jetskis)….

1) Take someone with you, who knows their way around a jetski…They may help you grab the perfect jetski, or stop you making a very expensive mistake.

2) Water test it! If the seller will not demonstrate the jetski being ridden in front of you, or let you have a short test ride….consider your decision carefully & be prepared to walk away. Jetskis can perform very differently on the water, than they do just with the engine running for a short time on a hosepipe.

If you do your research, buy with your head (not your heart) & prepare both yourself & your jetski properly for riding, then you will be joining a fantastic social and sporting community that is currently enjoying levels of growth not seen since the eighties & nineties heydays!

“Jetski North Wales With Us…..You’ll Love It!”



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