2019/20 Season runs from April 1st to March 31st.

Gwynedd & Anglesey Council operate a strict registration scheme for all PWC’s. If you wish to launch from ANY of the County’s beaches you MUST register your craft and pay a daily launch fee or purchase an annual Launch Permit, which includes unlimited launching. You must also have your craft adequately insured (to include public liability cover)

Gwynedd Registration: £45 via postal application/ £45 with a beach warden ( If just renewal of “small” year sticker only, new vessel ID number stickers not needed £35)

Anglesey Registration: £15 via postal or office application/ £20 with a beach warden

you MUST pay a Daily Launch Fee (£10 Gwynedd*/£16 Anglesey) every time you wish to launch your craft.

* Exception to Gwynedd Daily Launch fee applies at Blackrock Sands. Daily Launch fee here will be £13 to INCLUDE parking on the beach*

Alternatively you can opt for a season ticket, which combines the registration fee and daily launches at any beach / slipway for the whole season.

* If taking out a Seasonal Permit for Anglesey, you are still required to pay the Registration Fee in addition to the Seasonal Permit*

Seasonal Permit Prices

Gwynedd:£150 via postal application or via a Beach Warden at any authorised Launch Venue

Anglesey: differs slightly, being £160 via postal application, at Council Maritime Office (Llangefni) or at an authorised Launch Venue

FOR 2019/20: If you register with Anglesey County Council and purchase their seasonal launch permit, you qualify for a £55 discount if you have completed the RYA PWC course (or other listed RYA course). Please complete your forms carefully to ensure you get your discount.*Postal or Maritime Office Applications Only*.

If you unsure whether your RYA course qualifies for the discount, you can contact the Maritime Department on PEM@Anglesey.gov.uk

Click the links below to download the registration forms, and details of fees payable. Please ensure you also read the “Rules & Regulations link below

Gwynedd County Council Registration

Gwynedd County Council Fees

Anglesey County Council Seasonal Permit

Anglesey County Council Annual Registration (If Seasonal Permit not required)

Anglesey County Council PWC information

Marine Code for Gwynedd and Anglesey  *Please read and ride to the Marine Code & help reinforce the positive impact of Jetskiing*

Once your application has been received and processed, your official registration stickers will be posted to your home address. Once you have received the stickers they must then be placed in a prominent position (above water level so as to be visible when the craft is on the water). Please bear in mind that postal registrations can take up to 14 days to complete during peak season.


Register with one of the maritime wardens / officers present at the launch site. Your registration stickers will be given to you on the day (You will need to have your Insurance Certificate and proof of Identity with you). Payment can only be made by cash or cheque in this instance.

If you have changed your craft over the winter, you will need to transfer your registration over to your new one. You can do this via Postal Route only (Gwynedd or Anglesey Council)

The fees for this service are:
£35 (small “year” permit only)
£45 (small “year” sticker plus new ID numbers)

“I have registered my craft in Conwy or Anglesey. Is my registration valid for Gwynedd?”

The simple answer is “YES”. If you have registered your craft with either Conwy or Anglesey Council your registration is valid for Gwynedd.

All that you will have to pay is the daily launch fee which is not transferable from any other County.

This agreement is also valid if your craft is registered in Gwynedd and you wish to launch in Anglesey or Conwy. You will not have to re-register.  All you will pay is the daily launch fee.

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