Just bought yourself a Jetski & you’re a new arrival to the Personal Watercraft/ Jetski scene? Or have you never tried it before and are interesting in finding out whether it’s the hobby for you?

It can be a bewildering mine of information, leaving you not knowing where to turn for advice or help.

There are a number of forums & clubs throughout the country, where you can meet like minded people, ask advice, get help with jetski & equipment choices & much more.

Riding a Personal Watercraft can enhance your leisure life in so many ways. Be it meeting new friends, exploring the breathtaking coastlines of Gwynedd & Anglesey (or further afield), encountering magnificent marine animals, improving your fitness….And it’s pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Take a look at the following links, to help you find out about Personal Watercraft use & introduce yourself to a fantastic & growing community.






Riding Personal Watercraft is great fun, but the more modern craft are getting VERY powerful & fast. As a new/ inexperienced rider you can get yourself into difficulty, due to lack of experience. This can not only lead to you not enjoying your new hobby, but can also pose a risk to your safety.

The Royal Yachting Association offer a Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course, which equips you with the knowledge and skills to safely ride a Jetski/Watercraft & some basic introduction into looking after your watercraft correctly.

Still interested? Get involved & “Jetski North Wales with us, You’ll Love It!”


Greg Martha Butler (One of our Jetski Group riders & RYA trainer at Waterwise Training) is putting together some beginners guides to Jetskiing, to help you have a safe and enjoyable time out on the water. The videos will feature on this page, as they are produced.

His 1st one covers Beach Launch & Recovery

His 2nd video covers basic ride gear you need to have, to ensure you have a comfortable & safe day on the water.




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