Personal Safety & the wearing of safety gear are two fundamental parts of responsible Personal Watercraft use.

We all know we need to wear a PFD & need to dress for the conditions (be that a wetsuit, or a drysuit), but what about our heads?

With the current now models being able to exceed 70mph, it is perhaps even more important now than ever for leisure riders to consider their headgear choices. Water is really hard if you fall off your craft at fast planning speeds & a bit of fun jumping waves, or a boat wake (remembering to give a safe distance to the passing boat) can quickly lose its fun factor, should you end up with your handlebars in amongst your teeth!

More and more leisure riders are opting to wear a helmet when riding now, & there is a lot of choice out there with Motocross and Downhill bike helmets proving popular. Some of them are really good (and can be seen on many a Jetski racers head), but the wrong choice can leave you wearing a heavy helmet with padding/lining that isn’t really designed for watersport use.

So what’s the answer? Well, there is a British company by the name of Gecko Headwear who design and manufacture safety helmets, specifically designed for watersports use. Their helmets are used by the RNLI, various water & marine SAR/safety operations and some big wave surfers too.

Strong, but light weight….with quick draining inflatable liners (to enable a fully customisable to you fit) & both full face & open face designs there is a Gecko helmet that will be just right for your chosen watersport.

Check out what they can do for you, by clicking this link to Gecko Headwear website. You only get one head, so it makes sense to protect it by wearing purpose made headwear, that is perfect for the job in question.


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