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Before launching your craft it is vitally important for your own personal safety and the safety of others that you take the time to read carefully the

Rules & Regulations as set out by Gwynedd Council. Please adhere to these rules and regulations at all time.

Cemaes is a small fishing village on the North Cost of Anglesey, situated on the A5025. It has a small working harbour and has 2 beach areas (1 sand/ 1 pebble) seperated by the Harbour wall.

Noteable features accesible from this launch include Wylfa Nuclear Power Station (Now non operational, but still home to lots of seals), The old Brickworks, The Skerries, West Mouse and the numerous coves that made Cemaes Bay a haven for smugglers in times gone by. Cemaes is also the home of historic lifeboat the “Charles Henry Ashley”. Built in 1907 and retired in 1932, the Lifeboat is back in regular use following an extensive restoration project. For more information on this beautiful vessel, take a look here.

There are 2 launch points at this location, but the 2nd choice one is strictly a 4×4 or tractor suitable point only.

During 2016, Anglesey Council Maritime Unit have commissioned a brand new slipway at the Eastern End of the main beach, (PIC.1)


This is now the PREFERRED launch point & will make Cemaes Bay much more prominent as a PWC launch location on the Island.

Access is via a key operated bollard system. Charges for the key are £75 for the season, with £25 being refunded on return of the key at the end of the season. You will still need to pay the registration fee of £35 (£30 if re-registering). You can apply to Carli Evans for a key via email on

There is ample, marked hard standing parking here, and benches for those just wanting to watch their family on the jetski’s, or simple enjoy the beach views (PIC.2).


The beach surface is a mixture of sand and pebbles, but will hopefully compact as the season progresses. The water is fairly shallow here, so you may need to walk your PWC out a short distance, before starting it up.

The 2nd slipway (PIC.4) is a short concrete slip, onto a thick layer of large pebbles. 4 wheel drive is your only real hope here. You also need to be aware of Half Tide Rock ( a LARGE isolated rock) in the bay to the left of the slipway. Trust us…..You wouldn’t want to hit it!!

If you prefer to use the 2nd choice beach access, you should continue along the A5025 & bear immediate right at the village sign. Go past the Harbour Hotel &over a narrow bridge. Take your next Right (at the “Old Vigour” Public House). Go past the Harbour, 50 metres down the road & you will find the beach access point and parking bays at the end of the road.

As you can see though (PIC.3) the bays are short, so you would need to detach your trailer and take up 2 spaces.

*Anglesey Council have recommended that, in order to avoid congestion at “Half Tide Rock” car parks AT PEAK TIMES it would be preferable to park your car & trailer in the Main Beach Carpark, or the car park behind shops & village hall on Cemaes Main Street.*

Directions (from A55)

On crossing the Britannia bridge to Anglesey, continue on the A55 for a short distance to Junction 8. Exit here, then turn right onto the A5025. Pass through Pentraeth, Amlwch, Bull Bay & contine on to Cemaes. Approaching Cemaes, you will pass wind turbines on your right & then take the Right turn (signposted for The Gadlys Hotel & Llandbadrig Church), just before the Cemaes Bay village sign. Follow the road, then take the 1st left turn you encounter. This leads you to the parking area and slipway.

Directions to 2nd choice slipway

On crossing the Britannia bridge to Anglesey, continue on the A55 until Junction 8. Exit here, then turn right onto the A5025.  Continue on the A5025, passing through Pentraeth, Amlwch, Bull Bay and continue on to Cemaes.  Aproaching Cemaes, continue past the wind turbines on your right then take the Right turn into Cemaes Bay.

You will see the bay and harbour to your right here. Contine along the road and bear right  at The Harbour Hotel, over a narrow bridge. Take your next Right (at The “Old Vigour” Public House). The 2nd choice beach access point is at the end of this road.

Useful Information:

GPS co-ordinates:

Slipway 2

053 24 881 | 004 27 288

Useful Contacts:

David Livingstone (Harbour Chair) : 01407 710138

Coast Guard (Holyhead) : 01407 762051

VHF Channels : 14/16

Anglesey Maritime: 01248 752449/ 01248 712312

In an Emergency: Call 999

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